You have several tools to assist you:

  • Dr. Geo user guide,
  • Video tutorials,
  • Forum,
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).


To learn more about Dr. Geo, we suggest you to take a look at its user guide:
  • English user guide (version 16.10): PDF |  On line (html)
  • Guide utilisateur en Français (version 19.06): PDF | En ligne (html)
  • Programmer avec Dr. Geo (version 19.06) : PDF - Document en cours de rédaction, retours bienvenus !
The English user guide needs a new maintainer to catch up with the French user guide
If you are volunteer to help or to translate to other languages, drop a note in the Dr. Geo forum. Documentation source is in its repository.

Video tutorial

Visit the video tutorials at the Dr. Geo's channels to learn to use it. We demonstrate simple use cases and more advanced ones.

Follow an overall presentation of the user interface: