The latest Dr. Geo version is 17.07a.

You enjoy using Dr. Geo. You like its wide open spirit to explore, to learn. You want more developments, more features.
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  1. Before installation, the user must make a backup of his and folders. For more information, read the WARNING section in the README file located in the Dr. Geo ZIP archive.
  2. In case of difficulty to use or to run Dr. Geo, post us a message in the forum or at, it helps to improve the software or its documentation.
  3. Bugs to get fixed must be reported on the bugs tracker.


Download the application bellow (right click on the orange link bellow and save to file) and uncompress, it is ready to use:

GNU-Linux - Run (execute) the script
Caution: 64 bits system users, read the FAQ for the Dr. Geo prerequisites.

Windows - Run the DrGeo.bat program

Mac OSX - Drag and drop the in the Application directory

You can copy the whole uncompressed Dr. Geo directory in a usb stick or disk and use it from there. The Dr. Geo universal bundle is self-sufficient.

Dr. Geo for iPad



From your XO Laptop, download and install the XO Sugar bundle. To know more about manual installation, read the Dr. Geo FAQ

Help & More

To use alternate Dr. Geo version, visit its file repository.
If you need help visit the community page to get in touch. More information are available from the FAQ.

You need the Dr. Geo icons for your documents or presentations? Here they are in a ZIP archive, ready to use.