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Deployments & Testimonials

  • Dr. Geo is used as a reference tool in South America to teach geometry with the XO Laptop. The Dr. Geo XO bundle was downloaded more than 180'000 times, it is quite a lot for a specialized educative application.
  • Dr. Geo is part of the Linex and Guadalinex Linux distribution deployed in the primary and secondary schools in the states of Extremadura and Andalusia, Spain.
  • Dr. Geo is part of the GeLibreEdu Linux distribution installed in the primary and secondary schools in the state of Geneva, Switzerland.


Dr. Geo wins the ESUG 2008 Innovation Technology Awards

Among 21 competitors, Dr. Geo was ranked #1 by the attendees of the ESUG 2008 Conferences at Amsterdam.

The participants to the contest were invited to present their product in a large show room where the attendees could discover the products and discuss with the developers.

The 21 participants were great and many deserved to win.

Quality label for Dr. Geo

The label Qualità Didattica is given by an expert commision from the Italian institute INDIRE to award the didactic quality of sofware.

Dr. Geo received such a quality label from the INDIRE institute.

Dr. Geo awarded by AFUL

In 2000, Dr. Geo received an award in a contest organized by the French-speaking AFUL organization. Visit the press release at for more information and involved participant to the contest.